St. John’s e-Updates

St. John’s e-Updates

Have information from the City of St. John’s sent directly to your email address. Simply select which types of information you would like to receive and enter your email address to subscribe.

Please check your Spam or Junk folder for e-Updates email. You can also add the sender email address of eupdates@STJOHNS.CA to your contacts to prevent email from e-Updates from being blocked. The City is not responsible for missed emails, so check each e-Update description to find out more information.

News and City Services Information You will receive emails as new information is posted and the number of emails will vary. Event information is emailed when events are posted and not on the actual event date.
By subscribing to the News e-Updates you will receive news releases and public service announcements issued by the City of St. John’s.
Public Notices
The City releases public notices for planning applications, public meetings, council amendments, public engagement opportunities and general information announcements.

Advisories You will receive email updates as events occur or when planned outages take place.
Traffic Advisories
Stay in touch with what's happening on City streets by subscribing to Traffic Advisories. You will receive notices for road closures, lane reductions and other impacts to City traffic.
Water Advisories
Water Advisories will keep you up-to-date on any water main breaks, water outages or repair work taking place to the City's water system.
Recreation Advisories
Get advisories from Recreation including facility closures and program changes.

Garbage and Recycling
Subscribe to Garbage and Recycling e-Updates to receive notices for any disruptions to garbage and recycling collection in the City.
Closure Advisories
If the City has to close any of its facilities an advisory will be sent out and you can receive them via email by subscribing to this category.
General Advisories
General Advisories include everything that is not related to traffic, water, recreation or garbage and recycling.

Seasonal Please see each individual subscription for the email schedule.
Snow Removal (Downtown)
If you park in the downtown area at night from December to April you can subscribe to have the daily snow clearing list sent directly to your email address. Emails are sent by 3 p.m. on the days removals are scheduled. For more information please click here.
Street Cleaning (Downtown)
If you park in the downtown area at night from April to October you can subscribe to have the scheduled street cleaning list sent directly to your email address. For more information please click here.
24-Hour Parking Restriction
(Outside Downtown)
During winter, on-street parking outside the Downtown is prohibited 12:30-7:30am daily. When required for effective snow clearing, a parking restriction will be in effect for 24-hours a day. If you live outside the Downtown subscribe to this list to receive an email when the 24-hour parking restriction is in effect and again when it will be lifted. For more information click here.

To unsubscribe from any of the City of St. John’s e-Updates please click here.