2021 Election - Campaign Contributions and Expenses

Publication Date: 
Thursday, November 18, 2021

As per Section 5 (1) of the St. John’s Election Finance By-Law No. 1506 as outlined below, please find attached the contributions and expenses disclosures for all candidates from the September 2021 Municipal Election.
5. (1) All candidates in an election, including those not elected, shall, not more than 30 days after the election, file with the returning officer a statement in the required form and made under oath or affirmation stating:

(a) the total amount of the contributions received by him or her;

(b) each contribution from a corporation or trade union and the contributors of those amounts.

(c) each contribution from an individual that exceeds $100.00 and the contributors of those amounts

 (d) that the total amount of contributions received from corporations or trade unions did not exceed 50% of the limits in section 3 of this By-Law.