1946 Land-Use Plan for St. John's

Publication Date: 
Thursday, July 4, 2019

This 1946 land-use plan for St. John’s was prepared through the mid-1940s by the Commission on Town Planning and Development, appointed by the national Government of Newfoundland. 

Its task was to look forward, beyond the Second World War, to help solve the housing problems of the city and accommodate what became the post-war baby boom.  This plan created the Churchill Park neighbourhood (first called the Northern Suburb) that ran along the spine of the new road, Elizabeth Street (later Elizabeth Avenue) – named after the young princess, who became Queen in 1953.
Churchill Park was the first post-war planned suburb in what became Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador joined Canada in 1949), predating Don Mills, Ontario, by several years.  Thus, Churchill Park suburb in St. John’s takes its place in the planning history of Canada.

The 1946 land-use plan map is available here.