Vehicle Auction

Thu, 2015/10/22 - 10:00am

In accordance with the provision of Section 166 (4) of the City of St. John’s Act, the following impounded motor vehicles will be sold at an auction sale, by Fitzpatrick Auctioneering, held at the City of St. John’s Municipal Yard at 25 Blackler Avenue on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015 at 10 a.m. Viewing of vehicles will take place the hour before the auction begins, from 9 to 10 a.m.

AZP 683 (NL)     1G1JC5248Y312118        Chev Cavalier        Green
HKT 972 (NL)     1FAFP34N65W274102    Ford Focus             Black
HER 114 (NL)     2T1BR12E5XC770370    Toyota Corolla       Silver
HJH 499 (NL)      2HKRL1867YH003702    Honda Odyssey    Grey/Green
HOD 379 (NL)     2HGES166X1H905510    Honda Civic            Purple
HGJ 422 (NL)     JM1BJ222331650312      Mazda Protege      Burgandy
HDT 208 (NL)     4S3BEG45617208430     Subaru Legacy      Black
No Plate              JA3AJ26E134609089      Mitzubishi Lancer  Silver
HJB 001 (NL)     JM1BK12F341145351     Mazda 3                   Grey
HGM 218 (NL)    3G5DB03E135572301    Buick CXL                Grey
CNP 286 (NL)     1GCECC14X06Z287516 Chev Truck               Beige
HXB 024 (NL)     1B46P25R22B722152    Dodge Caravan        Blue
HCT 860 (NL)      KMHJW25F4YU150415 Hyundai Elantra        Beige
CLO 279 (NL)      2GCEC19W411276567 Chev 1500                  Blue
HFH 974 (NL)      KNADC123626154795   Kia Rio                        Silver
HNT 796 (NL)      2B4GP4533VR404912   Dodge Caravan        Purple
HDG 470 (NL)     1J4GW68N5XC736158   Jeep                           Grey
HHC 711 (NL)      2FMZA57412BB47354   Ford Windstar           Blue
CHW 471 (NL)     F4DR17X8VTM31389     B400                          Blue & Green
BHEN395 (Ont)   WAUVT68E43A267248  Audi A4                      Grey
HPM 892 (NL)      KMHCN35C29U11087    Hyundai Accent       Grey
HKV 946 (NL)       KM8SB12B34U577252  Hyundai Santa Fe   Black
HSK 256 (NL)       1ZVPT20C0N5232259   Ford Probe               Blue
HKW 003 (NL)      JA3AJ26E54V602051    Mitzubishi Lancer   Black
HKW894 (NL)       3G1JC14F835126287    Chev Cavalier          Red
HTV 259 (NL)       1G2AJ55F487267712    Pontiac                      Red
JAM 461 (NL)       WAUDC68D21A120054  Audi A4                    Black
HLO 516 (NL)       1G1AJ15F067805767    Chev Cobalt             Purple
CPH 329 (NL)       1D7HU18D14J150208    Dodge 4 X 4            Black
HKA 602                1HGEM215X5L806242  Honda                      Black
HLL 209 (NL)        2HGES15195H019965   Honda Civic            Grey
HZE 981 (NL)        JF1GPA067DH821396   Subaru                    White
HJR 056 (NL)        JM3LW28J330334748    Mazda MPV           Blue
HHG 506 (NL)       JN8BT08V25W100710   Nissan X-Trail        Grey

Conditions of Sale

  • Vehicles to be sold 'As is, Where is'. 
  • Payment to be made on the day of sale by cash or certified cheque.
  • A $100 refundable deposit is required to obtain a bidding number.
  • A $10 vehicle lien search fee per vehicle applies to successful bidders.
  • Delivery to be taken the day of sale, except in the case of multi-vehicular sale where delivery can be extended up to ten days.