Public Hearing - 57 Margaret's Place

Tue, 2014/05/20 - 7:00pm

The St. John's Municipal Council adopted St. John’s Municipal Plan Amendment Number 118, 2014 and St. John’s Development Regulations Amendment Number 586, 2014 at its Regular Meeting held February 18, 2014 and hereby gives notice of its intent to seek registration of the amendments from the Minister of Municipal Affairs in accordance with the Urban and Rural Planning Act.
The effect of the St. John’s Municipal Plan Amendment Number 118, 2014 would be to allow for increased building height. Under Section 3.3.2 – General - Commercial, the Municipal Plan states that building height is to be limited to three storeys for the Belvedere property.  This will require a Municipal Plan amendment.
Under the St. John’s Development Regulations the subject lands are zoned Commercial Office (CO). This zone does not allow residential use on the ground floor. The effect of St. John’s Development Regulations Amendment Number 586, 2014 would be a text amendment to allow for residential units on the ground floor.  Similarly, Section 10.18.3, makes reference to building height stating “For the Belvedere property, located between Bonaventure Avenue and Newtown Road, building height shall not exceed 3 storeys”. This will require an amendment to the Development Regulations.
The amendments are in reference to an application submitted to the City of St. John's to allow the development of a proposed 4-storey, 49-unit residential condominium development located at 57 Margaret’s Place (formerly known as 53 & 67 Margaret’s Place). Please see the plan on the back of this notice showing the application property.
The proposed amendments may be viewed at the Department of Planning, Development and Engineering, third floor, St. John’s City Hall.  To view these amendments or for further information, please phone (709) 576-8220, or e-mail:
A Public Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 7 p.m. at the ReMax Centre, 135 Mayor Avenue. The Public Hearing will be conducted by an independent Commissioner appointed by Council. Any person wishing to make a submission on the proposed amendments must provide a signed written statement to the Office of the City Clerk by 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 20, 2014, either by mail: P.O. Box 908, St. John’s, NL, A1C 5M2; fax: (709) 576-8474 or e-mail:  Written submissions received will become a matter of public record.  If no written objections to the amendments are received by the deadline noted, the public hearing for these amendments may be cancelled by the City in accordance with the provisions of the Urban and Rural Planning Act.

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