Cancelled - Public Hearing - 100 Churchill Avenue

Thu, 2018/03/08 - 7:00pm

No submissions were received by the deadline date. Therefore, in accordance with the Urban and Rural Planning Act, the public hearing was cancelled.

original notice:
The St. John's Municipal Council adopted St. John’s Municipal Plan Amendment Number 144, 2018, and St. John’s Development Regulations Amendment Number 674, 2018, on February 12, 2018, and hereby gives notice of its intent to seek registration of the amendments from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment in accordance with the Urban and Rural Planning Act.
The effect of the Municipal Plan amendment would be to re-designate 100 Churchill Avenue from the Commercial General Land Use District to the Residential Medium Density Land Use District.
The effect of the Development Regulations amendment would be to rezone the same property from the Commercial Mixed-Use – Pleasantville (CM-Pleasantville) and Residential Medium Density – Pleasantville (R2-Pleasantville) Zones to the Apartment Medium Density (A2) Zone.
A text amendment to the Apartment Medium Density (A2) Zone is also required which would add a Personal Care Home as a Permitted Use, and uses complementary to a Personal Care Home as a Discretionary Use.
The amendments are in reference to an application by 79963 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc./Kirby Group of Companies, to develop a Personal Care Home at 100 Churchill Avenue. In conjunction with the above amendments, the City is advertising the development of a Service Shop at this location as a Discretionary Use.

Information regarding this application may be viewed at the Department of Planning, Engineering, and Regulatory Services, fourth floor, John J. Murphy Building (City Hall Annex). For further information, please phone 709-576-8220 or email

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