Notice of Vacancies - Senior's Advisory Committee

Fri, 2017/10/20 - 4:00pm

The Senior's Advisory Committee provides information and advice to the Community Services and Housing Standing Committee on matters related to older persons that intersect City Policies and programs, as referred to it by committees of council, or as initiated by the committee.

Vacancies exist as follows:

  • Public Members: The Committee will be comprised of no more than five residents who are at least 55 years of age or older, or their caregivers. Public members are volunteers and will receive no compensation for participation. Preference will be given to residents of St. John's
  • Organizations: The Committee will be comprised of no more than five persons serving as organizational representatives who are connected to the interests of older persons in the community. Each organization may also appoint an alternate representative to attend committee meetings in the event that the primary member is unable to attend.
  • Nexter Representation:  In accordance with the Next Up! Program, at least one Nexter (public member, aged 19-35) will be appointed to each advisory committee. Nexter representatives must be betweem the ages of 19-35 at the time their application is submitted.

Member roles, responsibilities, and length of term are set according to the Committee's Terms of Reference which can be found here.

The application forms are available here and must be received by October 20, 2017