Deferred - Application - 118 University Avenue

Tue, 2017/08/15 - 9:30am

This application has been deferred and will proceed to Council at a later date.

Original application:
A Discretionary Use Application has been submitted requesting permission to occupy a portion of 118 University Avenue as a Home Occupation for a Clinic.
The private clinic will occupy a floor area of approximately 40.5 m2 (main level). Medical professionals will visit the property approximately three times a week between the hours of 9 a.m.–5 p.m, by appointment only for approximately three hours. The applicant is the sole employee and will facilitate all visits. On Site parking is available.

Information regarding this application may be viewed at the Department of Planning, Engineering, and Regulatory Services, fourth floor, John J. Murphy Building (City Hall Annex). For further information, please phone 709-576-8220 or email