Application Deferral - Synod West Wetland

Mon, 2018/02/05 - 4:30pm

The City of St. John’s has received a request from the applicant to defer this application temporarily. The application was discussed at a Public Meeting at City Hall on January 11, 2018. The next step is a report on the meeting, to be referred to a future weekly meeting of Council.
This application from Powderhouse Hill Investments Ltd. is to rezone 7.1 hectares (17.5 acres) of land between 97 & 99 Penney Crescent from the Open Space Reserve (OR) Zone to the Residential Low Density (R1) Zone, and to remove the wetland designation from the Synod West wetland.
Under the St. John's Development Regulations, an application may be deferred for up to 90 days, after which it is considered withdrawn. Given the neighbourhood interest in this matter, Council wishes to keep people informed about the progress of the application.
For further information, contact the City’s Planning and Development Division at 709-576-8220 or email