Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 1:45 PM

Working to Address Litter in Our Community

street cleaned

“A light exists in spring
Not present on the year…”

Emily Dickinson
Ah, spring! We look forward to the melting snow and signs of grass and flowers through the long, dark winter.
…but what we don’t look forward to, here at the City, is the uncovered litter.
Every year in mid-April, the City starts the process of spring cleaning. Here are the many programs we offer to help keep St. John’s litter free:

  • The initial downtown spring clean-up began on April 12 this year, with crews using mechanical street sweepers, trackless brooms and physical labour throughout the downtown core.
  • Our downtown litter collection contract began on April 11 and will continue until late fall with five dedicated staff persons. The contract involves the clean-up of litter and loose garbage from the curbs, sidewalks, and public spaces in the downtown and periphery and also involves the servicing of Tyvec on designated poles for advertising.
  • This year, the City will operate a downtown maintenance program from May to September. Two City employees will be responsible for removing graffiti from public property; painting hand rails, fences, light standards, bollards and benches; removing grass, weeds, trees and  shrubs from foundations, sidewalks and curbs; removing sand and gravel from sidewalks;  replacing paving stones in parkettes; and other miscellaneous repairs.
  • Crews will be addressing the clean- up of road right-of-ways such as Topsail Rd, Columbus Dr., Prince Philip Dr., and Portugal Cove Rd. in mid-May. High litter areas will be addressed repeatedly, and on demand areas will be addressed as required until late July.
  • City crews will also be cleaning parks, playgrounds and open spaces and collecting garbage and loose litter from our monuments.

While we will take the lead in cleaning up around town, the City needs your help to stay litter-free. Please pick up garbage in your neighbourhood, ensure that your garbage bags are covered on collection days and use the many garbage containers provided in public parks and spaces.
For details on arranging or participating in a community clean-up, please visit cleanstjohns.ca