Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 4:15 PM

​Why Does the City Bag Parking Meters?

Parking meter with a yellow bag over it

From time to time, parking meters operated by the City of St. John’s may be bagged with a bright, yellow bag. A yellow bag on a meter indicates that the parking space is not available.

Meters are bagged for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To reserve space for construction at an adjacent property
  • For utility work
  • For road repairs (for example, in order to repair a pothole in the road, traffic may sometimes be diverted around the roadwork through what would normally be a parking space)
  • For snow removal or street cleaning
  • For special events, such as races, parades and cruise ship visits
  • Meter repair work
  • For safety or pedestrian movement, such as in the downtown area during evenings

If a property owner, construction or utility company needs to reserve parking space, they must submit a request with the city’s parking division and there is a rental fee applied for the space.

Most of the time, meters are bagged late in the evening. If you return to your car and find that the meter has been bagged since you parked in the space, you must move your vehicle to another space upon return.

So, why are the meters bagged sometimes when nothing is happening?

It can be frustrating to see an unused parking space with a bagged meter when it appears that nothing is happening. As with most construction and utility work, vehicles and crews come and go from a site, and it may be that you pass by when it appears that nothing is happening. Or perhaps the crews have not yet arrived on the site – meters have to be bagged the evening before they are required to be empty, otherwise it is likely that cars will be parked in the spaces when the crews need access the next day. Sometimes, we will be asked to bag meters and then the weather will change making the scheduled work impossible at that time.

We know that a bagged meter in front of your destination can be frustrating, especially in the downtown, but we encourage you to make use of the parking garages conveniently located throughout the downtown. Your walk may be a little longer, but when you consider the frustration of circling the block looking for a spot or having to clean the snow and ice off your vehicle on a busy road, parking garages are a stress-free way to visit the downtown… more time to shop and enjoy!