Monday, April 18, 2022 - 1:30 PM

What We Heard: Rennies River Flood Mitigation Phase 2

What We Heard (WWH) during the second phase of public engagement for a proposed flood mitigation project for Rennies River from Portugal Cove Road to Kings Bridge Road, is now available. Read the complete WWH document at

Feedback from this phase of public engagement is being included in the Environmental Preview Report submission to the provincial government.

The document will be presented to City Council today, April 18. Council meetings are broadcast live on the City’s Website.

The public engagement process ran from March 8 to 22, 2022, and saw more than 66 people attend the virtual engagement session, 13 people submit feedback via email, one call to Access St. John’s and one comment on the project page at

Topics that were raised during the engagement process include:

  • Need to focus on upstream issues first and look at alternatives
  • Questions around drainage, catch basins, temporary ponding and flooding risks to properties in the area
  • Funding and timing of the project and relationship to Long Pond Flow Control project
  • Impact of berms on properties and walking trail
  • Impact of bridge repairs in the area and flow of water
  • Concerns for fish habitat, trees, soil, conservation of habitat 
  • Requests for more data and time to review the proposal and explore all options

The next step is for city staff to complete the Environmental Preview Report for submission to the provincial government, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. The project is subject to a 45-day review period once submitted to the province. The general public will have another opportunity to comment on the project before the Minister makes a decision on the undertaking.