Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 3:30 PM

Volunteer Week 2017

Recipients of 2017 volunteer awards stand together during a cake cutting

April 23 to 29, 2017 is National Volunteer Week in Canada. This year the provincial theme is ‘Volunteering Shapes Lives'. 

The City of St. John’s values the contributions of all volunteers and the impact they have on the community as a whole and presents the Building Healthy Communities Volunteer Recognition Award, the Alice Noseworthy Memorial Senior Volunteer of the Year award, and recently begun awarding Building Healthy Communities at Memorial. 

The Alice Noseworthy Memorial Senior Volunteer of the Year award, donated twelve years ago by Alice’s family, recognizes outstanding volunteerism with the City of St. John’s Seniors Outreach Program. This year’s recipient is Lossie Trask. Lossie is a loyal and dedicated volunteer, as an active member in our programs, this year’s recipient always wants to extend herself to others. She started attending and volunteering shortly after her husband passed away to get out of the house and to be with others. Through volunteering she has become more confident, and active, and through her bright and cheerful personality she’s sees great joy in others. She is the type of person who makes the most of every day and she believes in the power of volunteering.
The Building Healthy Communities at Memorial award recognizes individuals or groups who promote recreation and leisure opportunities within the Memorial University St. John’s campus. This year’s recipient is the MUN Mentors Group. The MUN Mentors group have assisted new comers in navigating St. John’s and the Memorial University Campus. They enhance and contribute to the transition of newcomers from various cultural Backgrounds, eliminating cultural barriers faced by newcomers to St. John’s and Memorial. 

The Building Healthy Communities award is presented annually to an individual or group in St. John’s who are helping to create vibrant communities and enhance the quality of life for citizens through delivering leisure programs and services. This year three Building Healthy Communities awards were presented to recipients Jim Hurley, Bob Osbourne, and the Physical Literacy Ambassadors from Holy Heart High School.

Jim Hurley
Jim has volunteered with Cygnus Gymnastics at the board level for 16 years, the last 10 as President. He has also volunteered countless hours with Gymnastics NL. In 2016 and in previous years, Jim has been integral in policy development, event hosting, leadership and direction. Jim's dedication as a volunteer sets the bar for all others involved in our sport. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave all competitions and events hosted by Cygnus. Jim has held integral roles in Provincial, Atlantic and Eastern Championships planning committees. He is the go-to for absolutely anything that needs to be done from assembling equipment, cleaning the facility to soliciting sponsors, meeting with delegates from the provincial sporting organization or local delegates. His passion and commitment is rooted in ensuring our athletes, coaches and staff have every possible opportunity available to them to reach their goals and be the best they can be.
Bob Osbourne
Bob has volunteered in the curling community for the past 40 years. When the Tim Hortons Brier was officially announced to take place in St. John’s this individual stepped forward to assume the responsibility of the recruitment of over 500 volunteers needed for the event, along with countless other assignments that are attached to such a large event from offering clinics on how to curl for over 200 individuals to handing out coffee. One could call him a volunteer for volunteers who recognizes the valuable contributions of volunteerism in our community. Although he may not earn the attention and accolades of Brad Gushue, this individual’s enthusiasm for curling in his community echoes through.
Holy Heart Physical Literacy Ambassadors
(Shawna Foley, Shawna Wilcox, Erin McCarthy, Gary McKeawn, MyKenzie Harding)
The success of the Holy Heart Physical Literacy Ambassador Program is due, in large part, to the enthusiasm, leadership abilities and commitment to ‘give back’ that radiate from the high school students themselves. The City of St. John's in partnership with staff at Holy Heart of Mary High School identify students with a desire to provide fun, physical literacy programs for primary age children at the neighboring Bishop Field Elementary School. As part of the program the City provides the students with training in High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development and Fundamental Movement Skills. The students were then mentored by City staff in the delivery of a free after school physical literacy program for primary school children. Following the mentorship period it was the hope that the High School Students would commit to volunteering 15-20 hours. This group of students have exceeded expectations and have committed to the weekly program on an ongoing basis. In addition they volunteer for other special events that promote physical literacy in the community. These students were nominated by teachers at both Holy Heart of Mary High School and Bishop Field Elementary School for fostering ‘win-win’ collaborations and community interaction.