Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - 10:15 AM

Transportation Changes to Support Social Distancing to be Installed

Early next week the city will implement on-street changes to provide additional space for residents to maintain physical distancing while on city streets. The project will use traffic control infrastructure (delineators) to widen sidewalk space for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users on the following streets:

  • Elizabeth Avenue - Portugal Cove Road to Torbay Road
  • Newtown Road - Merrymeeting Road to Elizabeth Avenue
  • Parade Street - Lemarchant Road to Merrymeeting Road 

Habour Drive was initially included in the project but has been removed due to the Downtown Pedestrian Mall project.

The amount of space available will vary by street. The goal is to provide between 1.5 and 3 metres of additional space but there will be isolated areas with less space to accommodate transit stops and parking.

Changes will be in place for a minimum of 30-days. Following an evaluation period, consideration will then be given to future projects, and possible expansion or discontinuation of the project.

Members of the City’s Inclusion Advisory Committee (IAC) were consulted on this project. Residents who have accessibility or inclusion concerns that may result from this project can forward them to members of the IAC by email at or contact Access St. John’s.

Please note the following guidelines for using the space:

  • Two-way traffic will be maintained in all three areas, please drive with caution.
  • The project will impact on-street parking availability on Newtown Road and Parade Street.
  • Please obey on-street signage for parking, and do not park inside the designated areas.
  • Be mindful and courteous of persons with disabilities (visible or invisible) who may have difficulty understanding or navigating the new street network changes.
  • Cyclists are required to adhere to the Highway Traffic Act, and to ride in same direction as traffic using the roadway. Some areas will not be wide enough to ride comfortably between the delineators and the curb, please use your judgement and do not cycle in this space if you find it too narrow.