Monday, May 30, 2016 - 12:30 PM

Tourism Awareness Week: May 29 to June 4

view of St. John's from Signal Hill, photo with digitally enhanced colours

Tourism is an important part of our economy in St. John's. Every year tens of thousands of visitors come to the city, and every year they tell all of their friends to come too. St. John's really is an incredible place to visit.
Not only are we the oldest city in Canada, not only are our people as colourful as our houses, and not only do we have an incredible natural landscape that you can't find anywhere else on earth, but our businesses and our cultural entities put on a show that keeps tourists coming back season after season, year after year.
When was the last time you were a tourist in your own backyard? The people of St. John's are our best ambassadors for the tourism industry. Everyone here should know firsthand what there is to see and do both in and out of town. We could say that it is your responsibility as a good host and a true Newfoundlander, but really you would have the time of your life being a tourist right here where you live. Get out there and enjoy all that St. John's has to offer.
Check out pages 10-11 of last summer's City Guide for some great inspiration to start your ‘staycation’, or plan your outings this summer using pages 30-31 of the current City Guide.

We hope you get out to experience St. John’s this summer and all year long.