Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 7:30 PM

Strategic Plan Updated for 2017

strategic plan model

The St. John's Strategic Plan, 2015-2018 is the city's guiding plan for strategic priorities. Launched in June 2015, the plan has six strategic directions and 49 goals. The City reports on progress twice annually, in June and December. As of the end of 2017, 30 of those goals were completed or making good progress; 13 had commenced and were making slow progress; and six had not yet begun to make progress.

Amongst achievements to date are:

  • Near completion of the Community Market, a new facility in the old Metrobus Depot on Freshwater Road
  • Excellent progress towards completing the Kenmount Terrace Park Community Centre
  • Advancing the Business and Art St. John's initiative, including building stakeholder relationships, data collection and a stakeholder event
  • Researching an appropriate model to fit Regional Services for Emergency Management (EM) and Business Continuity Planning including; regional plans,training and prevention model
  • Developing and implementing a management orientation program and a Managers’ Toolkit 
  • Contracting an external employee assistance program provider and enhancing services to employees and their families
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement through the organization through workshops/training
  • Implementing an e-recruitment software program for hiring
  • Initiating the Comprehensive Strategy and Master Plan process for the Bicycle Strategy
  • Making excellent progress towards completing the construction of 22 affordable housing units in 2018
  • Nearing completion of a new neighbourhood strategy as means of engagement, with a focus is on creating neighbourhood profiles
  • Planning for and the implementation of automated garbage collection in summer, 2018
  • Conducting a citizen satisfaction survey, the results of which will be available publicly in May 2018
  • Evaluating the City's engagement policy and framework

The report on the strategic plan is available in the publication section.

Planning has begun towards the development of a new strategic plan for 2019-2021. Opportunities to engage in the process will be shared in May, 2018 at engagestjohns.ca