Monday, December 06, 2021 - 4:00 PM

SJSEL Announcement Regarding CEO

Mary Brown's Centre in distance, showing skywalk to convention centre

The Board of St. John’s Sports and Entertainment is announcing today that Ms. Sheena McCrate, Chief Executive Officer of SJSEL, is leaving the organization to pursue other opportunities. 

The Board wants to take this opportunity to thank Ms. McCrate for her dedication and tremendous contribution to the organization since 2007, first as the Senior Manager, Events and then as CEO for the past eight years.

Under the leadership of Ms. McCrate, SJSEL saw the development of an expanded Convention Center, concluded leases with many sports franchises and brought many concerts and events to the Mary Browns Center.

The Board is most appreciative of the organization’s achievements with Ms. McCrate as CEO and wish her success in her future endeavors. 

Jill Brewer has been named interim CEO while the Board begins the recruitment process.