Monday, January 27, 2020 - 2:00 PM

​SJRFD: Winter Safety Tips

fire trucks outside of the central fire station

The St. John’s Regional Fire Department (SJRFD) would like to remind everyone of some safety tips for playing outside. While many kids and adults alike are enjoying the snow accumulation, be snow-safe. Parents and guardians should always supervise their children when playing outside.

Children should never play in streets or on snow banks. Due to the unprecedented volume of snow that has accumulated, many snow banks in the city are very high and narrow in some places. A slip and fall could lead to injury or the snow bank itself could collapse. Please do not build a fort with a roof or as a tunnel, as the snow could collapse with people inside.

Please take extra caution when crossing roads due to limited visibility caused by high snow banks and choose play areas away from roads, fences, water and driveways.