Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 4:15 PM

Senior of the Year Award 2018

Senior of the Year 2018 in Council Chambers with Mayor and Family

City Council have presented the 2018 Senior of the Year Award to Mr. Joseph Pearcey.

This award recognizes a senior who is making a difference in the community through leadership, volunteering or improving quality of life of citizens.

At 92 years of age Mr. Pearcey’s community involvement in groups and organizations is extensive as he devoted his life to volunteering and giving back to his community.

At the age of 12 he was trained in Air Raid Patrol where he patrolled the streets to protect civilians from the danger of overhead air raids. This continued until he was 17 when he joined the Merchant Navy and served during the Second World War. He continued in this role for over 35 years.

Joseph was also a volunteer Firefighter at the Grace Hospital. In 1942 during a fire at the Knight of Columbus Joseph was head Firefighter and an integral part of the recovery efforts where many perished.
Today, Joseph is an active member with the local legions and Knights of Columbus, where he calls bingo, serves meals, says grace, delivers hampers, and organizes events.

One of his primary commitments is the local weekly bowling league that started with 25 members and grew to 165. His role includes collecting money, organizing the leagues, tallying scores and managing special events.

When asked why he gives so much of his time, his response was “it’s easy to do when you have a good wife of over 70 years and you enjoy each other’s company.” 

Thank you to Kenny’s Pond Retirement Living for sponsoring the 2018 Senior of the Year Award.