Thursday, December 23, 2021 - 1:15 PM

Santa’s Got a Clear New Bag to be ready for January 1

Image of clear bags and one privacy bag with text that says "Let's be Clear with our Waste"

Santa’s got a brand-new bag this year – and it’s clear why? Santa knows that starting on January 1, The City of St. John’s requires clear- colourless bags for garbage except for one privacy bag per week. Santa made the switch now and is using a clear bag to deliver gifts.

Santa’s elves love the clear bag as it’s easier and more efficient for them to pack his bag for the long journey. But, the elves wanted to know what is a privacy bag?

The elves found out a privacy bag can be any colour that is non-transparent (i.e. black, white, etc.). The privacy bag is provided to allow the elves to put garbage that the elves don’t want others to see in it like lumps of coal. Anything not see-through in a bag will be considered a privacy bag as shown in the image below.

Where to Find Free Clear Bags

Santa has left small gifts at City of St. John’s Community Centres and Access St. John’s Service Centre – ask for your free sample pack of clear bags for garbage like in the image below at the front desk.

The elves are also deciding to use recyclable gift bags to wrap gifts this year to reduce their environmental impact. Then, the elves will put the recyclable gift bags away to reuse them again next year as they aren’t recyclable. They do recycle empty boxes in a blue bag with other papers and a separate blue bag for container recyclables is where they put Santa’s empty Purity syrup bottles. With clear bags required for garbage, curbside recycling becomes mandatory in St. John’s.

Recycling in blue bags (left) and garbage in three clear bags with one privacy bag (right).

Recycling in blue bags (left) and garbage collection cart with three clear bags and one privacy bag in it (right).

Santa and the elves are feeling good about using clear bags for garbage this year, as they know it will help increase curbside recycling, remove hazardous waste from garbage, and heighten safety for collection staff. For more information, please visit the Curbit website.