Wednesday, August 09, 2017 - 5:30 PM

Roundabouts and Safety

roundabout safety

The results of a detailed traffic analysis clearly indicate that the three intersections along Prince Philip Drive will need significant improvements before the year 2025, and no traffic signal improvements are feasible that will provide an acceptable level of service at that time. For this reason, the City is considering installing roundabouts.

Although there are very few roundabouts in St. John's, did you know that roundabouts are a recognized method for improving traffic flow and increasing safety world-wide?

The benefits of a roundabout controlled intersection include improved safety by reducing conflict points and reducing travel speed through intersection; and improved traffic flow by reducing the time stopped and offering continuous movement.

For more information on roundabouts, including an interactive tool that shows you how to proceed through a roundabout safely and effectively as well as a video of the one by the Paul Reynolds Community Centre, go to our Traffic Page.