Tuesday, March 09, 2021 - 11:30 AM

Restricted Recreation in Watersheds

Windsor Lake Water Treatment Facility in winter

The City of St. John’s has four watersheds that are used to source drinking water:

  • Broad Cove River
  • Windsor Lake
  • Petty Harbour Long Pond
  • Bay Bulls Big Pond 

The City has developmental control of the watersheds so each has little human influence. Our source waters are relatively pristine and of high quality and we work to keep them that way. 

In order to maintain the high-quality source water, certain activities are restricted within our watersheds including:

  • using ATV/snowmobile
  • fishing
  • campfires
  • cutting wood

City Patrols have noticed an increase in ATV and snowmobile use within our watersheds and including on the water source itself. These activities are illegal and threaten the quality of our drinking water.

Crossing our lakes and ponds by snowmobile is especially risky as water levels fluctuate and the water intakes can change flow patterns. This can create ice of insufficient thickness or air pockets or voids under the ice.

Recently we found snowmobile tracks over the water intake at Windsor Lake; this is very unsafe.

For your own safety, and the quality of our water supply, please avoid recreational activities on our water supplies and within their watersheds.