Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 3:30 PM

Register to Vote

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The City of St. John's is preparing for the upcoming municipal election, September 26, 2017.

Have you recently moved? Turned 18? Changed your name? Even if nothing has changed for you since the last election, it is important to check and either confirm, update or add your name to ensure you receive a vote by mail kit during the election period.

The process is easy!

  • Go to the Municipal Election page and select the Voter Registration page. Look up your name and address to ensure the information is accurate. If you are not on the list or the information is not accurate, follow the simple instructions.
  • Call the Access St. John’s Service Centre at 311 or 754‐CITY (2489) or visit us on the first floor City Hall, 10 New Gower Street.

All eligible voters must be registered to receive a vote by mail kit during the election period (September 8 - 26). You are eligible if you are a Canadian citizen over the age of 18 and a resident of the City by at least August 27, 2017.