Friday, January 26, 2018 - 3:15 PM

REAL support by Sandbox Gaming

Sandbox Gaming presents donation cheque to REAL Program

Thank you to Sandbox Gaming for their recent donation of $4,032.52 to the REAL program.

Sandbox Gaming is a registered non-profit organization and one of their objectives is to raise money for children’s charities which promote play and development. In November 2017 they held an 80-hour marathon of playing board and video games, and solicited donations from their family and friends for it.

Through all their 2017 fundraising events they raised over $16,000 which was split between four charities, including the REAL program who are immensely grateful for Sandbox Gaming’s continuing support.

The REAL Program is fully dependent upon community support and all financial donations are spent on program spaces, equipment and/or transportation costs so children and youth can take part in recreation and leisure activities.

Community groups, individuals and businesses can make donations to REAL by: