Friday, January 20, 2017 - 6:15 PM

Prepared for Heavy Snowfall

sidewalks cleared of snow on Topsail Road near Hazelwood Crescent looking east

In preparation for the next snowfall Public Works crews have focused on widening many streets including all multilane and major arterials, and snow removal in the downtown core.

There are two methods used to widen streets: blow-back and snow removal.

  • Blow-back: using a snow blower to move the snow from the street onto open areas such as your front lawn; often occurs during the widening process. We start blow-back operations on multi-lane roads then continue widening based on established priorities.
  • Snow removal: completely removing snow from streets and sidewalks. Crews of 25 or more heavy equipment operators completely remove snow from the street and sidewalks. Snow removal is usually completed downtown, however any part of the city may be identified for snow removal if there is a significant amount of accumulation in the area.

In addition to widening efforts, equipment inspection and preparation has also taken place as staff install plow blades on trucks and top-up salt and fuel for all equipment.