Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - 8:30 AM

Pet Owner Responsibilities

a dog on a leash with his owner is running in the woods in winter

One of the City's goals is to provide a safe and enjoyable community for all residents; this includes pet owners and non-pet owners. Pet owners have responsibilities under our Animal Control Regulations that are for the health and well being of both pets and residents.

Leash Your Pet
Dogs and cats are prohibited from running at large. Dogs are prohibited from being off the owners property without being on a leash and wearing a City tag.

Even if the dog is friendly, there are a number of others who are genuinely afraid of or intimidated by dogs, especially those not attached to its owner by a leash. Also, other dogs walking with their owners may be fearful and react aggressively toward other dogs. Keeping your dog on a leash is for their safety and the safety and comfort of others.

City public spaces are for everyone to enjoy, and roaming dogs present a danger to other people, pets and property as well as themselves. When off leash, an owner can never truly be in control of their pet’s actions. An excited, distracted or frightened dog can react in a manner that is not 'normal for them' leading to potentially dangerous people and pet interactions.

Scoop the Poop
If your pet goes on any property other than your own, you must stoop and scoop the feces immediately - all year long. Dispose of the bag in a public garbage container or bring it home with you to put in your garbage. The winter snow only temporarily hides poop and bags, please show respect for your neighbours and our public spaces so we all can enjoy them.

If you're a pet owner in St. John's learn more pet owner responsbilities on our website.