Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 5:45 PM

Neighbourhoods Through the Eyes of Children

Neighbourhood poster from Kilbride

Children from community and activity centres across the city were asked to show how they felt about their neighbourhoods through a visual art display. All groups were provided with the same base materials but were permitted to add other items, and asked the question 'What Does Our Neighbourhood Mean to Us?’

The results were as varied as they were beautiful. Passion for their neighbourhoods shone through in common themes such as friends, school, animals, family, and play – all core components for a happy, healthy neighbourhood. Presenting ideas and activities to stimulate their imaginations,  will help our young citizens develop into community-minded persons and natural neighbourhood leaders.
Visit The Great Hall in City Hall until Friday, Aug. 25 and take the time to look closely at each of these displays and see how the eyes of the children view their neighbourhoods and what is important to them. Perhaps they will remind us of the positive features, big and small, of our own neighbourhood. 

Thank you to all who contributed to this project including the staff and children of the following centres:
City of St. John’s program groups
Parkside Community Centre
Southlands Community Centre
Shea Heights Community Centre
Kilbride Lions Community Centre
Paul Reynolds Community Centre - Camp Discovery
Rotary Sunshine Park - Camp Explorer
Cowan Heights Activity Centre
Spruce Meadows Activity Centre 
Larch Park Activity Centre
Bowring Park - Camp Adventure

Community groups
MacMorran Community Centre
Buckmaster's Circle Community Centre
Froude Avenue Community Centre
Virginia Park Community Centre
Rabbittown Community Centre
Goulds Recreation Centre
Friends of Victoria Park