Friday, January 22, 2021 - 11:15 AM

Neighbourhood Profiles: White Hills

Image of a marsh called Lundrigan's Marsh in St. John's, blue sky in the background

With part of this neighbourhood bordering the mighty Atlantic Ocean, White Hills in the east end of St. John's is a combination of residential, commercial, industrial, and green space. Having shopping, industry, recreation, schools, trails, and parks all within this neighbourhood means that this community has plenty to offer residents and visitors alike.

One beautiful and environmentally important feature of this neighbourhood is Lundrigan’s Marsh, a productive wetland sitting in the middle of a busy industrial area.

Many different animals, insects, and birds use this important and hidden wetland and many waterbirds and marsh bird species use the wetland habitat for feeding, shelter, and breeding. It is also a catchment area for water that flows into the Virginia River system and Quidi Vidi Lake, helping to filter that water and regulate its levels.

Lundrigan’s Marsh was purchased by conservation groups to save it from development and entrusted to the City of St. John’s in 2004.

Street names in the city may seem random, but there is a lot of thought and planning behind the names of our favourite streets.

Virginia Park in this neighbourhood has streets named to honour past Governors of Newfoundland like Montague, McCallum and Blake. And the area once known as Centennial Meadows - developed during Canada's 100th anniversary - has streets named for Canadian Prime Ministers including Meighen, Diefenbaker, Tupper and Laurier.

Watch this short video on the many amenities of Tupper Laurier Park.
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