Wednesday, April 07, 2021 - 11:00 AM

Neighbourhood Profiles: West Heights

West Heights neighbourhood is a mixed density residential area in the west end of the city. With community supports, parks, and open green space, this neighbourhood also features shopping and quick highway access. 

This neighbourhood contains recognized historical, cultural, and social areas. These are inclusive within the boundaries of this profile with respect to their established identities, assets, and residents.


Neighbourhood parks provide nearby recreation and leisure opportunities in high-density residential areas. They typically have a playground and often have other amenities from sports fields to courts or paved areas for play. These parks are minutes from your door and offer open space to play and enjoy the outdoors.

West Heights is home to nine neighbourhood parks and playgrounds, enjoy one today!

Image of Rotary Drive Park.


The elevation of West Heights makes it an ideal location for a water reservoir - even an underground one!

The water reservoirs of the Regional Water System provide storage for treated water before it is conveyed throughout the municipal distribution system. Water reservoirs must be capable of providing adequate flow and pressure for domestic, commercial and industrial use. They must also store water during periods of low demand, provide water during short power outages and provide a reserve of water for fire suppression and other emergencies.

The water reservoirs found throughout the Regional Water System and their respective service zone and volume capacity includes Jensen Camp Reservoir for the St. John’s Intermediate Zone, 11,400 m3 (11,400,000 L).

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Image of West Heights Water Resevoir.