Friday, March 26, 2021 - 8:00 AM

Neighbourhood Profiles: Goulds

Goulds is a growing neighbourhood with a strong agricultural history located in the southwest area of the city. Farming has traditionally been the mainstay of Goulds, and many farms remain in operation today alongside modern developments.

Once an independent town, Goulds maintains that small-town community feel with local shops, parks, schools, places of faith, and other convenient amenities.

This neighbourhood contains recognized historical, cultural, and social areas. These are inclusive within the boundaries of this profile with respect to their established identities, assets, and residents.


The Bidgood family donated the land for the park in 2003 and dedicated it to the farming community of Goulds.

This park features trails and boardwalks winding through mixed forest and wetland habitats, an off leash dog park, an outdoor classroom, and contains 38 acres of conservation land. Be sure to look for the Gerald Squires sculpture, 'The Mower', dedicated to the agricultural community of Goulds.

The Grand Concourse Authority constructed the park for the City of St. John’s and it was completed in 2014. The main entrance is near the intersection of the Back Line and Powers Road.


There are several theories of how Goulds, affectionately known as The Goulds, got its unusual name. The most popular theory is that the area is named after a flower that grew along the river bank and around Golds Pond known as "golds" or goulds". It may refer to the beautiful potintella shrub, still seen widely in the area now.

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