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Neighbourhood Profiles: Central

This west end neighbourhood has a long history and has seen many changes over the years while still maintaining a tradional feel. With a mix of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses, this is a vibrant and active characteristic of this older neighbourhood.

With beautiful parks, including the charming and historic Victoria Park, museums, restaurants, shops, and trails this is a neighbourhood that is fun to explore and enjoy.

This neighbourhood contains recognized historical and social communities. These are inclusive within the boundaries of this profile with respect to their established identities, assets, and residents.


In 1883 the government granted 6.5 acres of land to St. John’s for a park in the west end of the city. The land was originally home to Newfoundland’s first civilian hospital and long-term care facility. Upon closure of the hospital in 1888, development of the park began.

On June 5th of 1896, the Riverhead neighborhood gathered for a concert to celebrate the grand opening of Victoria Park, making it one of the oldest parks in St. John's. 

In 2016 a revitalization project began to freshen up the park and to add wonderful new features while maintaining the character of the space. Early renovations include an entrance plaza on Hamilton Avenue, a sliding hill lookout, new pedestrian bridge, a bubbler fountain, meandering pathway, off-leash dog park, and illumination of the sliding hill. 

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