Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 3:45 PM

​MOU Signed for Hockey and Basketball at Mile One

Today, the City of St. John’s and St. John’s Sports and Entertainment (SJSEL), in partnership with Atlantic Sports Enterprises Limited and Deacon Investments Limited finalized a Memorandum of Understanding to bring professional hockey to Mile One Centre this fall, in addition to basketball.

The City and SJSEL have been working hard to finalize the agreement with all parties involved.

In addition to hockey and basketball, and in a spirit of collaboration, all parties have agreed to pursue a potential management agreement for both Mile One and the Convention Centre. Such a change could allow for more opportunity to attract events and entertainment, bringing a much needed economic boost to our downtown business community and hospitality industry.

The East Coast Hockey League has agreed to a minimum of 36 home games per season for three years commencing 2018.

The St. John’s Edge have enjoyed enormous success during their inaugural year and will continue to bring a minimum of 20 home games per season.

As we increase the number of nights that Mile One is hosting events we also increase our profile in the Sport Tourism Industry.  We will take this opportunity to enhance the profile of the City, Mile One Centre and the Convention Centre nationally and internationally, attracting more events and increasing tourism in the city.