Friday, June 10, 2022 - 9:15 AM

Keep Dogs on a Leash

image of dog on a leash looking up

Did you know that dogs or cats are prohibited from running at large in the City of St. John’s? If you're walking your dog anywhere within City limits, they must be on a leash for the safety of your pet and other residents. City public spaces are for everyone to enjoy, and roaming dogs can present a danger to other people, pets, property and themselves.

When off leash, an owner can never truly be in control of their pet’s actions. An excited, distracted, or frightened dog can react in a manner that is not their typical behaviour. This can lead to potentially dangerous interactions with other people and pets. Even if the dog is friendly, there are many citizens that are genuinely afraid of or intimidated by dogs, especially those not attached to its owner. Other dogs walking with their owners may also be fearful and react aggressively toward other dogs.

Walking your dog on a leash fosters a pet/owner bond that is of benefit to both the dog and owners’ mental health. For off-leash exercise, there are nine designated dog parks in various communities within St. John’s for your dog to enjoy.

Be safe this summer and respect others by keeping your dog on a leash.