Monday, July 06, 2015 - 11:15 AM

Join the Family Recycling Challenge

The City of St. John’s has begun a year-long campaign to address a growing decline in curbside recycling.
“Over the past year we have noted a marked decline in curbside recycling - from 3480 tons in 2013 to 3062 tons 2014 – and this trend continues into 2015,” explained Councillor Jonathan Galgay, Chair of the Standing Committee on Public Works. “Our goal is to remind residents how important and easy it is to recycle at home, and to gain back the people who once did but for some reason no longer recycle at the curb.”
The City will be conducting a number of promotional and educational initiatives throughout the year to raise awareness about all that can be recycled. “On June 1, we are launching a 12-week Family Recycling Challenge,” says Councillor Galgay. “Families who register will be eligible to win weekly prizes as well as a grand prize of a $1500 gift card from sponsor RONA.”

The 12-week challenge encourages residents of St. John’s to track how much garbage and recycling they put at the curb. To participate in the challenge please email