Friday, May 26, 2017 - 6:30 PM

Implementing Envision and New Development Regulations


Evision St. John's was brought to Council and publicly released in 2014.

Our next stage was to revamp the 1994 St. John's Development Regulations to implement the new plan. We engaged the same consultant who prepared a draft set of regulations (to get an idea of the scope of work, our current regulations run to approximately 200 pages plus maps). Many aspects of planning and development are similar across Newfoundland and Labrador municipalities, but some aspects are different for St. John's due to our larger size, older neighborhoods, and historical development patterns. The draft needed extensive reworking and we began doing that at the staff level which is not an easy task. Each regulation must be examined to ensure its effectiveness, and new regulations must be developed, ensuring a balance of legal enforceability and practicality.

At present, we have a nearly complete set of new Development Regulations which are being vetted by staff in Legal and in Planning and Development. We are working to bring the complete document to Council's Planning and Development Committee in June 2017.

Our timeline going forward has to accommodate summertime, when citizens are often on holidays, as well as the municipal election in September. While the present Council may adopt-in-principle the new Regulations, the next Council will approve the new Municipal Plan and Development Regulations.


June 20, 2017  Draft final versions of the Municipal Plan and Development Regulations to the Planning and Development Committee.

June, 2017  Late June, the Municipal Plan and Development Regulations are sent to Council to consider adoption–in–principle.  Once done, the documents will be sent to the NL Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment for provincial review and release, as required by the Urban and Rural Planning Act.
July, 2017  Launch of the documents for public review (using the City's Engage portal for public discussion and questions); review the documents further with City staff (Engineering, Parks, Affordable Housing, Public Works and others); and meetings with key stakeholders (the City/Business Roundtable group, other interest groups, and City advisory committees and expert panels).

October, 2017 Arrange 3 public open houses to present the draft Regulations - format similar to the open houses for Envision St. John's. The City will produce a What We Heard report based on public feedback.

Late Oct., 2017 Council would consider adopting the new Municipal Plan and Development Regulations, with changes/feedback from the engagement process
December , 2017  Schedule the independent commissioner's public hearing, as required by the Urban and Rural Planning Act.
Jan.-Feb. 2018  Council will consider the commissioner's report, make any changes, and consider approving the final documents; the approved Municipal Plan and Development Regulations will be sent for registration and gazetting; then they come into legal effect.