Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 2:45 PM

Heritage Award Winners

Each year on Heritage Day, the third Monday in February, the City of St. John’s gives out our annual heritage awards, which recognize individuals, businesses and institutions for outstanding efforts in heritage restoration.

This year, Certificates of Recognition have been awarded in several categories:

  • Preserving and Restoring the Original Character of a Building in Heritage Area 2: Shane Kelly for the Neyle-Soper Building, 270-272 Water Street  
  • Preserving and Restoring the Original Character of a Building in Heritage Area 2: Phillip Clarke on behalf of Subway and Tavish Russell on behalf of Carrick Engineering for 338 Water Street 
  • Restoring the original character of a building in Heritage Area 3: Isabelle Thornhill and Walter Cummings on behalf of WFC Property Services for 76 Colonial Street 
  • Infill Development that Blends into a Heritage Area 3 Neighbourhood: Colin Baxter, Ruth Harris and Garnet Kindervater for 6 Fort Waldegrave 
  • Rehabilitating an Older Building, Including Successfully Integrating Modern Elements: Sheldon Pollett on behalf of Choices for Youth for The Lilly, 54-58 Bond Street 
  • Stewardship and Long-term Preservation of a Building in Heritage Area 1: Bob LeMessurier on behalf of the Memorial on Parade Commemorative Committee for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Memorial Campus, 50 Parade Street

This video showcases some of the 2018 and 2019 Heritage Award winners, and was shown at the beginning of the Heritage Awards presentation.

To learn more about the City's Heritage Awards, Areas, Designated Buildings, or the Heritage Financial Incentives Program and Building Permit Requirements, go to the Heritage webpages, email or call 709-570-2041.