Friday, June 08, 2018 - 10:30 AM

Happy First Birthday, PRCC!

What an amazing opening year it has been for the Paul Reynolds Community Centre!

After the tremendous success of our opening one year ago, the Centre has been the site of 3 Safe Grads for high schools, played host to Emergency Response Day and community town halls, and even had a visit from the St. John’s Edge basketball team! Our Sunday Funday was a great success and we have enjoyed the St. Paul’s “Lunch In” program, with up to 75 junior high students that drop-in several days per week for activity during their lunch break.

By the Numbers:
Look at how many people have been through our doors this year!

Drop-In Swimming               132,678
Swimming Passes Sold              966
Swimming Lessons                  3,250
Birthday Party Attendees       22,211
Other Rentals Attendees     133,853
Drop-In Fitness                      12,499
Fitness Passes Sold                   459
Drop-in Kids Programs            1,675

Working out the Kinks:
Anytime you open a multi-purpose building the size of the Paul Reynolds Community Centre you can expect a few hiccups, but we have very few problems to date and are working with our engineering team to address those that come along.

When the gym floor was originally installed it was determined that there was a moisture problem below the plywood subfloor. At no cost to the City of St. John’s the entire floor system was removed down to the concrete floor slab, the moisture problem dealt with, and a complete new floor system installed. Game on!!!!

Since opening the building there have been issues with the public lockers. The various issues were wear and tear and minor install problems. These issues are all being dealt with and most should be repaired and operable within the next few weeks. As an added bonus the City will eventually have all the lockers designed so that the patrons can use them at zero cost!

Pool Leaks? Nope. There are no issues with the vinyl liner in the pool. The type of pool we have is a Myrtha which is very different than our other concrete pools and it’s the only one like it in  the province. Myrtha is a company that designs aquatic facilities:

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System:
Did you know that PRCC has a footprint of over 70,0000 square feet? In order to ensure all of the users are comfortable when enjoying the many amenities of the building, a complicated heating, ventilation and air conditioning system has to work night and day to provide fresh conditioned air to the building and as well to exhaust unhealthy air. Our staff will continue to tweak the system and ensure that the building will maintain a safe environment for all users: we’re still experimenting with the system to get optimum efficiency.


Keeping it Clean:

  • Every night, we dedicate 8 hours of cleaning time to our pools.
  • We have dedicated HVAC & Certified Pool Operators – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Did you know that staff are sent notifications from our mechanical systems via email to alert staff of system settings or issues?
  • The filtration system for the swimming pool is cleaned daily and with the help of an ultra-violet (UV) system which is an added layer of pool water protection. We also use CO2 to keep the pH normal, a cost-effective system that also reduces the total number of chemicals used to operate the pool. 
  • 40 Geo Thermal wells provide heat to the pool, so there is no wasted energy on electric boilers.

Drop by the Paul Reynolds Community Centre this week to help us celebrate one year of operation.