Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 3:00 PM

Every Second Counts

yellow fire hydrant surrounded by snow

There are approximately 3,200 fire hydrants in the City of St. John’s. Each one requires regular inspection and maintenance.
During the winter, this includes keeping the hydrants free of snow so they are readily available in case of an emergency.
City crews continually work to keep the hydrants free of snow but it can take more than a week to clear all of the hydrants after a heavy snowfall. Hydrants are cleared on a priority basis; high priority areas include schools and hospitals.
“In any fire situation, every second counts," says Sherry Colford, Fire Chief of the St. John’s Regional Fire Department. “Precious time is lost if firefighters have to remove snow from a hydrant, so if you or your neighbour have a hydrant close to you, keeping that hydrant clear of snow is greatly appreciated by our crews.”

Keep me clean, not unseen!

  • ‘Adopt a hydrant’ close to your property. Take the time to clear a path from the street to the hydrant. Clear the snow away from the top and sides of the hydrant.
  • Do not bury or place snow on top of a hydrant.
  • Report damaged hydrants by contacting Access St. John’s:
    • Call 311 or 754-CITY (2489)
    • Online stjohns.ca/contact-us
    • iPhone or Android app, search: 311 St. John’s