Friday, July 13, 2018 - 3:00 PM

Off Property, On Leash

Pet owners who allow their dogs to roam free are not only breaking City bylaws but are also putting their pet’s safety at risk. As much as your dog may enjoy the freedom of running loose, you may be unknowingly causing problems in your community.
Pets who run free are at risk of being struck by moving vehicles, being stolen or getting lost. Other outdoor hazards include parasitic infection, pesticide ingestion, the spread of infectious disease and aggressive incidents with other animals and people.  
Unexpected injuries also occur if a pet strays off an owner’s property into construction areas that may be riddled with broken glass, nails, other sharp objects, and heavy equipment.
Children and pets go hand in hand but problems can arise when dogs are permitted to run free. Regardless of how friendly your dog is, they may be frightening to others, especially young children. Parents and guardians should familiarize themselves with dog safety tips and dog bite prevention in order to prepare children for unexpected dog encounters.
Before taking your dog for a walk make sure they are fitted with a secure collar and short lead so you can better control their movement. Register your dog with the City and attach the identification tag to their collar so we can more quickly return them to you if they escape. Microchipping your pet is also an additional means of identification.

For more pet owner responsibilities in the City of St. John's check our website.