Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 6:45 PM

Deboxing Days Winners

Blue bags of recycling with lots of cardboard recycling at the curb during winter

Between December 27, 2016 and January 7, 2017 the City's Waste and Recycling division encouraged St. John's residents and those in neighbouring municipalities to recycle cardboard. The Deboxing Days promotion was an overwhelming success and 48 per cent more cardboard was received at Robin Hood Bay than during the same period last year. 

Those who recycled cardboard at the Robin Hood Bay Residential Drop Off were given a contest entry ballot and curbside recyclers were encouraged to post a picture of cardboard at the curb and post it to social media using the hashtag #deboxingdays. The winners of the Deboxing Days contest for North Atlantic gift cards and a years supply of blue recycling bags are:

$200 gas card Mandy Lee Dawe
$75 gas card Tom Murrin
$50 gas card Wayne Codrad
$25 gas card Griffyn Chezenko

Thank you to all those who took part in Deboxing Days and we encourage everyone to continue recycling cardboard and all other recyclable items at either the Residential Drop Off or at the curb. Learn everything we accept for recycling at curbitstjohns.ca or our app St. John's Waste and Recycling.