Wednesday, February 06, 2019 - 5:15 PM

City Recognizes Muralist Derek Holmes

Derek Holmes' artwork can be seen all over the City, through our mural program.

His murals, either completed solo or with collaborator April Norman, include the Duckworth Street Mural, the mural on Blackhead Road en route to Shea Heights, the murals in the Outer Battery and on Flower Hill, and the Fred Gamberg memorial mural at Duckworth and Prescott Street. All these are still currently in place. Two murals on private property that have since been removed are the Golden Pheasant Tea mural and the large trompe l’oeil mural that was once at the bottom of Hamilton Avenue.

Many of these murals involved not only the concept creation and the painting, but engagement processes with residents in the neighbourhood and research into the history of the area in order to realize the final design. This important work is reflected in the murals, in which can be seen the faces of the families of those neighbourhoods, taken from photos submitted by the residents themselves.

Mr. Holmes is also remembered for his contributions to the film industry in and around the City; he worked in the art department on many different productions over the years, including Little Dog, Caught, and Republic of Doyle.