Monday, May 29, 2017 - 5:30 PM

City, Province and Community Organizations Partner on Fentanyl Awareness Initiatives

City and Province officials attend community announcement about fentanyl awareness

The Provincial Government, the City of St. John’s, Eastern Health and local community outreach organizations are partnering to educate the public about fentanyl-related overdoses and deaths. The work of the St. John’s Community Action Group on Fentanyl will begin this summer with pop-up tents promoting education and awareness about the opioid Fentanyl, the overdose antidote Naloxone, harm reduction, stigma reduction, and addiction treatment services.

The newly formed St. John’s Community Action Group on Fentanyl includes representatives from:

  • The Department of Health and Community Services;
  • The City of St. John’s;
  • Eastern Health;
  • Safe Harbour Outreach Program;
  • Thrive Community Youth Network;
  • Safe Works Access Program;
  • Choices for Youth; and
  • The Salvation Army.

The immediate goals of the St. John’s Community Action Group on Fentanyl are to increase public awareness about drug use and overdose risk, and increase access to Naloxone take home kits.

Pop-up tents will appear throughout St. John’s this summer in various locations and at festivals.

“Our government is committed to addressing the dangers of Fentanyl. To do this effectively, we are pleased to partner with the City of St. John’s, and local community outreach experts. These experts have the day-to-day knowledge and expertise with recreational drug users. To be successful in increasing awareness, we must work together at every level.” 
Honourable John Haggie
Minister of Health and Community Services

“We believe the City of St. John’s has an important role to play in addressing the Fentanyl issue and we are committed to supporting the experts in the capital city who deal with this and other drug use concerns daily.”
Dennis O’Keefe
Mayor, City of St. John’s

“We are happy to work with the provincial and municipal government to bring our front-line knowledge and expertise to address the current reality of fentanyl in our communities. Choices for Youth and its partners are committed to long-term solutions to address substance use and addictions in the province.”
Jane Henderson
Choices for Youth

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