Thursday, May 13, 2021 - 8:45 AM

City Making Progress on Strategic Directions

Our City Our Future logo with icons represented as puzzle pieces in a circle
The City’s 10-year strategic plan is now into its third year. The plan's four strategic directions set the long-term focus for the City, and each direction includes several goals that translate into specific initiatives and actions every year.
As the City continues to operate during unprecedented times, the progress on some initiatives has been impacted. However, progress on the strategic directions overall has been good to date, specifically: 
  • Sustainable City: A city that is sustainable today and for future generations; economically, environmentally and financially – 67% complete 
  • City that Moves: A city that builds a balanced transportation network to get people and goods where they want to go safely. – 72% complete 
  • Connected City: : A city that works within the community to enhance a sense of pride, belonging, place, and engagement and supports how we connect with each other, within our neighbourhoods, within the larger community, and with the city organization and Council.  – 74% complete 
  • Effective City: A City with the right strategies, policies, procedures and tools in place to ensure a focus on the right things, while delivering the best services possible, and making decisions for the benefit of the community.  – 73% complete
Of the initiatives still in progress for 2021, 8 are complete; 39 are on track; 6 are behind; and 23 are overdue, which means the initiative is tracking progress more slowly than originally planned but it is still possible to complete the project on schedule. Among the completed initiatives are:
  • Re-imagine Churchill Square concept plan
  • City-wide collision report
  • Detailed design for the H.G.R Mews Centre replacement
  • Implementation of an automated accounts payable system
  • Implementation of a mobile app for fire inspections
Quarterly reporting to Council includes written commentary on each of the initiatives which provides detailed updates and outlines whether there have been challenges or changes to advancing the initiatives. The Quarter 1 2021 Report to Council can be viewed here as part of the May 5, 2021 Committee of the Whole agenda.
For more on our strategic initiatives for 2021, go to our results dashboard