Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 9:30 AM

City Launches New Web Page for Planning Applications

Picture of the city of St. John's from an airplane

The City of St. John’s launched a new web page today for planning applications, where the public will have opportunity to provide input, and be able to view the status of an application as it moves through the City’s approval process.

Over the years, City staff have received feedback from citizens and applicants wanting easier access online to all the relevant information related to planning applications in one location. As a result, the new site was built to make this information more accessible and transparent.

This site will serve as a one-stop shop for new planning applications starting in June 2022 and more to come throughout the year. Register at to allow you to contribute feedback online or follow the project page to ensure you receive updates as new applications are added.

This is a step forward towards improving the overall customer experience for those interested in planning applications. The site will include information about applications for amendments to the St. John’s Municipal Plan and Development Regulations, such as map amendments (rezonings) and text amendments (changing the development policies or development standards).

Some of the features of our new site include:

  • All information related to the application in one place
  • Links that click to applications to see information such as City decision notes, amendments, and land use reports
  • View the status of individual applications as they go through the process for Council approval
  • New effortless way to provide input to inform Council on decisions for current applications
  • Frequently asked questions section to learn how planning works at the City
  • Can Provide comments or ask questions online when an application is open for public consultation

While the public can now provide input online for the first time on planning applications, we will continue to accept feedback through the City Clerk’s Office via mail or email.

This is a one-year pilot project where success will be monitored throughout the year to ensure it provides useful information to the public on planning applications. Users will be asked for feedback throughout and at the end of the pilot period.