Thursday, December 22, 2016 - 2:30 PM

City Encourages Cardboard Recycling

cardboard boxes

The City of St. John’s and residents in surrounding municipalities are encouraged to recycle holiday cardboard.

At this time of year, households collect and throw out many boxes – from toy and technology boxes to clothes and shoe boxes and shipping containers.

The public are reminded that cardboard is recyclable and makes a huge difference to the environment and the economy. Recycling cardboard reduces the weight of garbage, which impacts the fees charged for dumping, and is also a high-valuable commodity for resale through recycling programs - both of which reduce the cost of operations at Robin Hood Bay.

Take a few minutes to separate cardboard from ties, tags, plastic wrap and Styrofoam and either bundle or bag your cardboard for curbside recycling, or bring your cardboard directly to the Residential Drop-Off at Robin Hood Bay. Anyone dropping off cardboard at Robin Hood Bay between December 27 and January 7 will receive an entry to win a gas card from North Atlantic. Pictures of cardboard put out for curbside collection that are posted on social media using the hashtag #deboxingdays will also be entered in the gas card draw.

Start a new holiday tradition – “de-box” at Robin Hood Bay!