Friday, May 04, 2018 - 12:15 PM

Carts for Automated Garbage Collection

carts for automated garbage collection being delivered in St. John's May 2018

Carts are currently being delivered to households in the phase one area of automated garbage collection. An information booklet about how to properly use and place the carts are inside them; remove these materials and review them before using your cart.

One cart is provided to every household, including apartments, free of charge to the resident. Carts are electronically tagged as belonging to the property, not the property owner; if a resident moves they will leave the cart behind with the property. Residents must use the cart provided by the City as it is specially designed for pick-up by the garbage truck’s mechanical arm; carts available from local hardware stores are not compatible.

Garbage inside the cart must be bagged. Bagged garbage will keep the cart clean, eliminate blown garbage and reduce odour. Each cart will typically hold four regular-sized garbage bags. The lid of the cart must be able to close completely in order to be collected.

On a collection day, carts must be placed by 8 a.m. at the end of your driveway or on the street with the wheels against the curb with the arrows pointing towards the street. The collection arm on the garbage truck requires a minimum one metre of clearance on all sides to be able to pick up the cart. Do not place the it too close to hydrants, parked cars or other obstacles, such as poles, electric boxes or lawn decorations.

Recycling blue bags and paper yard waste bags do not go in the cart, and must be put at the curb at least one meter away from it on recycling days.

The automated garbage carts are built to withstand temperature extremes; the wide, rubber wheels ride well on snow and ice and are easy to roll out in winter. The carts are designed to stay standing in normal wind; do not put rocks or any heavy material in the bottom of the cart to weigh it down.

​Carts should be stored as close to the property as possible, ideally inside a garage; carts are made to withstand the elements, however, and do not need to be stored inside.

Individuals with mobility limitations can apply for an exemption to using the carts.

For more information on automated garbage collection and the cart, go to the Curb It St. John's website.