Monday, August 30, 2021 - 11:15 AM

Canada's Favourite Crossing Guard

Crossing Guard holding a stop sign & wearing a safety vest is handed a glass trophy shaped like a maple leaf by the Mayor who is wearing a dark blue trenchcoat

Congratulations to Bill Conway, crossing guard at Larkhall Academy, on being awarded Canada's Favourite Crossing Guard from Parachute, Canada's national charity dedicated to injury prevention.

"When I found out I won the National Crossing Guard Award I was truly shocked and thankful," said Bill. It really means a lot to me because I really enjoy what I do, and the children mean a lot to me. I am so thankful to the Larkhall Academy community for nominating me."

Bill is one of 16 crossing guards that work with the City of St. John's and has been an employee since 2019.

"The best part of my job is interacting with the children, parents, teachers and staff at Larkhall Academy. I look forward to chatting with the families every day and love greeting each child as they cross the road. The smiles on the kid's faces make my day special.

"I look forward to going to work every day and seeing all the kids smiling faces, they make my day a lot brighter. I could tell you so many heartwarming stories about how these kids have made a difference in my life, they are all truly special to me."

Bill is special to the Larkhall Community as well, and they are so happy to have you – as evidenced by the school's guidance office twitter account!

The City of St. John's is currently seeking crossing guards for some schools - learn more including how to apply by the deadline Friday, Sept. 3 at 

Crossing Guard holding stop sign & wearing a safety vest over a hockey jersey of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team   
a crossing guard holding a stop sign and standing next to an orange shirt with the number 215 on it to represent the number of graves found (at that time) near Canadian residential schools