School & Community Group Services

School & Community Group Services

The City of St. John’s Recreation Division offers basic instruction in a variety of outdoor activities through our highly trained and certified instructors. The Outdoor Team will provide your school/ group with programming space and equipment that is suitable for the activities requested. These programs are available between the months of September and May, these services are not available June, July or August.  

For more information please refer to the Group Booking Package or contact the Outdoor Fieldworker at 576-8522 or 

Group Booking Package

What to Expect (For Teachers / Group Leaders)

Communication A few days before the date of the program, you will be contacted by a member of the Outdoor staff confirming the details of your upcoming program. Please let them know if there have been any changes to your program, particularly the times or the group numbers.
Planning Please ensure that all school permission forms are completed prior to the day of the program, and that your planned travel time allows your group to arrive on time. Remember to call and book your bus!
Preparedness Group supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their participants are dressed appropriately and prepared to be outside.
Supervision It is expected that the teacher/group supervisor will maintain responsibility for the discipline and control of their group, and that they participate fully in all aspects the program.
Ratios In addition to the Outdoor staff leading the program, we recommend a 1 to 20 teacher/leader to student/participant ratio for ages 18 years and under.


A group’s decision to cancel due to inclement weather must be communicated no later than two hours before the booking time or a late fee of $50 will apply. Contact the Outdoor Fieldworker at 725-4427 or 682-4928 in the event of a cancellation.
A fee of $50 will be charged if a booking is not cancelled within five working days prior to the reservation date.
City of St. John’s Recreation Division staff, also reserve the right to cancel due to weather or unsafe program site conditions.