Park Maintenance

Park Maintenance

Our dedicated parks staff maintain over 3,000 hectares of open space, 138 playgrounds, 4 Municipal Parks, dozens of community and neighbourhood parks, 23 sports fields, 11 dog parks, 8 skate parks and 100+ KM of walking trails to provide residents and visitors with the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature in our city.

During the winter months, Park staff maintain The Loop at Bannerman Park, a very popular skating surface, groom walking trails at Mundy Pond, Kenny’s Pond, Quidi Vidi and the trail from downtown to Bowring Park. Within Bowring Park, roadways are kept clear to offer winter walkers an off-street option. Sliding hills in Bowring Park and Victoria Park are also regularly inspected by Parks staff throughout the winter months in addition to regular winter park maintenance and snowclearing.
If you spot an issue in one of our parks, please report it to Access 311.

Dog Feces

The City of St. John's recognizes pet owners and non-pet owners as being members of our community. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable City for all residents. As a pet owner you have responsibilities under our Animal Control Regulation. These regulations are for the health and well being of both pets and residents.

Dogs are prohibited from being off the owners property without being on a leash and wearing a City tag. Even though you are comfortable with animals, a lot of residents and children are not. This is for the safety of your pet and other residents comfort.
City public spaces are for everyone to enjoy, and roaming dogs present a danger to other people, pets, and property, as well as themselves. When off leash, an owner can never truly be in control of their pet’s actions. An excited, distracted, or frightened dog can react in a manner that is not “normal for them”, leading to potentially dangerous people/pet interactions. Even if the dog is friendly, there are a number of citizens that are genuinely afraid of or intimidated by dogs, especially those not attached to its owner. Also, other dogs walking with their owners may be fearful and react aggressively toward other dogs.

If your pet goes on any property other than your own, you must stoop and scoop the feces immediately. This shows respect for our neighbours and public space. The city provides over 100 dog poop bag dispensers and hundreds of thousands of dog poop bags each year. You are required to clean up after your pet.

Needle Boxes

If you find a discarded needle please do not touch it or pick it up. Please contact Access St. John’s immediately and provide as much detail as possible about the location of the needle(s).

The City of St. John’s in conjunction with the Department of Health and Community Services, and the St. John’s Community Action Group on Harm Reduction, have provided metal sharps containers throughout the city, as part of a harm reduction initiative. The intent of these metal sharps containers is to provide a safe means of needle disposal.

The City maintains 12 public sharps disposal containers.

Located at:

  • City Hall Parking Garage
  • City Hall Annex
  • Father Walsh's Hill (Duckworth Street/Queens Road)
  • Airport Heights Drive - gazebo
  • Southlands Community Centre -  parking lot
  • Mundy Pond - parking lot near entrance to the dog park
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre - on walking trail to Stamps Lane
  • Wishingwell Park - on road between the soccer field and ballfield, near the wood bollard
  • Bannerman Park Visitor’s Service Building
  • Empire Avenue off Jensen Camp Road
  • Shea Heights Ballfield - attached to the rear of the stage behind first base
  • Buckmaster’s Circle Community Centre - across from the gazebo near the parking lot
  • Tessier Place - open space where trails converge
  • Quidi Vidi Gravel parking lot
  • Victoria Park


The City has 138 playgrounds and 8 skate parks spread throughout residential neighbourhoods and City parks.  

From early May to early October the Parks and Open Spaces Division provides inspection and maintenance services to all play structures. The division also mows grass and performs litter collection at each site.

A complete listing of all playgrounds and skate parks in the City of St. John's can be found here.

For additional help, contact information or to submit a request visit Access 311.