Consumer Fireworks Exam

Consumer Fireworks Exam

Consumer fireworks have become an increasing concern for the St. John's Regional Fire Department. The SJRFD has implemented this program to ensure vendors and purchasers are aware of the safety instructions and recommendations. All staff responsible for selling fireworks shall complete the certification exam.

The Consumer Fireworks Manual for Vendors is available for your information. The certification exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions and a mark of 80 per cent is required to pass. If a passing grade is not obtained, individuals have the option to rewrite the exam the next business day. There is no limit to how many times an exam can be written but each exam will consist of different questions. Vendors will receive a certification card which shall be kept on site containing their name and certification number.

There are no expiry dates on the certification but the St. John's Regional Fire Department encourages vendors to periodically review the Consumer Fireworks Manual for Vendors. The vendor's permit to sell fireworks expires annually on November 30 unless cancelled or suspended sooner. An annual inspection will automatically be conducted prior to the expiration of each permit. Inspectors will request to see certification cards as part of the annual inspection or upon request.

Exams can be arranged by contacting or calling 709-576-3905

Click here for guidelines and safety instructions when using consumer fireworks.